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Aurora: A Celebration of
the Northern Lights

SPECS: Hardcover, 9"x6", full color photos/illustrations, 72 pages

Just released, this book by Cary Anderson and Dave Parkhurst is
the most entertaining work you’ll find on the subject of the
aurora borealis (northern lights) and the
aurora australis (southern lights.)

In addition to the dazzling color photography which highlights the best
auroral displays of the past 20 years, the book presents a
wide array of aurora-related stamps, labels and other
rare collectibles from around the world.

The book explains the aurora in terms everyone can understand. It reveals
bizarre historic interpretations of the aurora and recounts the authors’
experiences in the field, including a midnight encounter with an
Alaskan grizzly. Also included is a chapter on how to
photograph the northern lights, yourself.

Anderson and Parkhurst, whose aurora images have been used to
illustrate numerous articles and books, express their life-long
fascination with the aurora in this new book of their own.



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